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Owasco 7/9 7/10

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Started at 1:30 in the afternoon at the north end in 80 fow solo running two riggers and one core. First fish came on 50' rigger with purple scorpion stinger with black dots and copper back. Next 4 came on standard uv nbk stinger 5' off bottom anywhere I went. Worked between birtus and Martin point between 65 and 80 the whole time. Average lakers biggest at 6lbs fished for 3 hrs


Started in the same spot at 7:00 this time with my dad running two riggers two dipsie a core and a copper. First fish came as dipsie was being set out over 80 fow with white pro troll and mirage fly. After that one that snapped our line off the 55' rigger with standard frog stinger. Kept working the same area as yesterday two more fish off the 65' rigger with uv nbk. Marking bait and fish up higher I moved the nbk up to 48'. 2 minutes later caught a little 3lb rainbow. Then last fish came on the dipsie out 200' on a 3 setting with the white pro troll and mirage fly in 75 fow. Called it quits at 9:30 best trips I've had in a few weeks

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