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The Oak July 5th -9th

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July 5th, Hit the water and got set up around 5:30 in about 140 ft trolled out to about 220 with a couple smaller kings. turned back in and when we hit 135 ft of water, the game was on. Riggers at 50-60-70, Dipsey's at 120 and 140. Marking good bait We stayed in between 100-140 the rest of the day and ended up 11-14 all kings with one steelie. 



July 6th. We set up in about 85 feet and aimed for our marks from the previous day, and it didn't take long for things to get going as soon as we hit 135 ft. Good down temps and we had riggers at 50-60-70 with seas sick waddler,green alewive and 42nd spoon all standard size. Can't remember exactly what we had on our dipseys because I left my log on the boat, but we had a Fireworks paddle and a blue fly at 120, and a spindoctor on the other side with white fly. Nailed a couple nice kings , and then our dipsey starts screaming, I'm battling that one and off goes the 350 copper. We dropped the one on the copper,and landed this 26.02 King. 11th this morning in the LOC. 


fish 8.jpg


Doubled again a little later, landed both fish both around 20 lbs. Four nice kings in the box, and it was only 10:00 picked up a couple more and then my buddy say's look at all the bait, Dipsey goes off and then a rigger and the copper triple with two guys in the boat. Game on we land the first one,get in the box land the second release it, and my buddy say's I'm going pull the riggers he pops the rigger and hooks up a fourth fish right after he popped it. He brings that is small Laker and we get the other king in. 11:30 am. and we are done for the day. Ended up 11-13.


July 7th


John's friend called and we told him you might want to get in the truck and get up here. Didn't see any reason to change the game plan so we head to our marks from the previous day, get the riggers down I start deploying a dipsey out and it fires, hand that one to Joe and off goes the center 50ft rigger. Between 5:30 - 6:40 we put 4 nice kings and a steelhead in the boat and then things died. Decided to go west and started a north, south troll between 120 and 220. Picked up a few more and ended up 10-14.


July 8th 


Well if it isn't broke why fix it,right? Same basic game plan did all right in the 100-135 range but weren't marking the bait and fish we has the last two day's so we decided to go back to the marks we had West and started the same North South troll  110- 220.It was mostly a spoon bite with the Sea sick Waddller taking the majority of the fish,so we switched out our 42 nd spoon for another Sea Sick UV,regular on a rigger,and put down a 42nd spin doctor with Hammer fly down,150 it fired 5 minutes later. fish 4.jpg



Well about 10:00 it was back to game on from 10:00 -11:00 we landed four or five kings all matures ended up with on heck of a box. Caught fish on everything but the Waddler was the stud for the day. Ended up 11-15.




July 9th, Got beat up by the waves and had 4 releases with no hook ups,off the water around 10:00.


Great week, Riggers all week at 50-6-70 and Dipsey's 100-120 140- 150. Can't remember what down temps were but after Saturday and Sunday's blows I think that has all changed.











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