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my garden. neighbor's cat.

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as someone pointed out, this post has nothing to do with lake Ontario fishing, but the topic does seem to have gained some traction. I guess I'm not alone with cat problems.

I used to live in a rural area and would dispatch a few stray cats every year- 95% of them unneutered males people would drop off. (probably by someone like me that lives in town!) but I don't want to make it someone else's problem.

my neighbor lady's (one of the good neighbors) sister, a gal in her 80's, told me she would catch  them in a live trap and hose them down good with water at close range before she let them out of the trap. she said they never come back, and I suspect she reaped a certain amount of satisfaction from bathing the little darlings. I suppose that would land oneself in jail these days.

thanks for all the ideas guys. I think i'll start with the moth balls and go from there.



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I ID'd the cat doing it in mine and took a pic (lucky catch) and every time the cat leaves the crap I go over to his house and tell him and he cleans it up. Last time he said to me "I hope a coyote gets that f ing cat" :lol:

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Uh oh...  Well, I don't recommend doing what this guy did...





I never had a cat problem in the country - for long anyways.  City life is a little different and I don't want my name in the paper so I just bit  chhhhh about it because they don't take names and write about that - not enough time capture all of that material.

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If the cat dissappeared,

We will never speak of this again .

To make it look like an accident , stick dead cat in road and run it over , your off the hook

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  I like this, lol.  Grandma's  cat trap ='s  1 live trap, 1 burlap bag, 10 #'s of rocks, 1 local stream/pond, cats disappear !   just  saying!

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I have a blueberry patch.  The berries get a heavy peat moss mulch.  The cats believe its the best litter box in the neighborhood, worth fighting over, at 3 am.  Unfortunately they do not fight to the death.


There is an internet recipe somewhere containing 3 kinds of peppers that does work.


The cottontail rabbits eat the canes.  I fence the patch in the fall to keep the rabbits from ruining the crop.  This year I left the fence up.  Tired of 25 dollars worth of pepper to keep the cats out.  


I do not like the looks of the fence.  I do not like cats.  The cats are all neighbors pets.  They are hard on the small local birds and animals.  I do not like cats.  Its is not the cats fault, it is the owners fault.  I do not like cats.  


I think that next year I will live trap them and turn them over to the animal shelter.  After a couple of trips to the shelter and the bail money, maybe the owners will keep them in at night.

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Gammo makes a scoped .177 cal. 1250 FPS pellet gun called "Silent Cat" guess it might be a coincidence :lol:

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