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I just received my trolling bags and was hoping someone could help me with line setups.

The cleats are 67" apart

The bags are 38" long ( 22 inch diameter )

The back cleat sits 27 " above the water

The front cleat sits 30" above water

It says the back of the bag should never run more than one foot below water level

Trying to figure out rope lengths - do I want bag to sit evenly between two cleats or does that not matter?

Should one ( front or back) have a fixed length and experiment with other to see where it goes ?

Trying to figure out how far back the bag will run back at angle or when it fills will it somehow stay in place?

Boat is Grady white 223 with Yamaha 200 4 stroke.

Thanks for any feedback that will get me started in the right direction - hoping to get out fishing soon !

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I run my bag off the front cleat with a long enough line for the bag to be in front of the riggers a few feet.  Somewhere near the middle of the boat.  Then I have a second line that's longer tied to the small end of the bag for retrieval.  It's left with a little slack and just tied loosely to the railing.  With two bags, same thing just one on each side.  

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