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King Slammin Olcott 7-12-16 morning

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It's been awhile since I've posted a report. I've been active over on Lake Erie United and enjoying the walleye fishing most of this year but have had a few decent outings on the west end of Lake O since our dismal spring. Nothing big but numbers have been around 8-10 fish per trip since things started picking up in mid June.

We decided to start inside today and set up in 135' in front of the microwave tower. Ran two riggers with moonshine geezer and moonshine martini at 35 and 45 and had a double before the first dipsey hit the water. Small King and a 22# King that stretched the line counter out to 450' on the first run.


We got the riggers reset and both divers out when the martini spoon started screaming off the 35' rigger. We landed a 24.5# King.


Action was pretty steady with a mix of small kings and steel until 7:00. Then things slowed. I threw a 10 color out with a Barney spoon and Nuclear green 11" echip with meat on a mag diver. 10 color took a 10# steelie and we lost another great King after a 20 minute fight behind the boat on the meat. Pulled rods and came in about 10:30. post-149813-14683431209325_thumb.jpg

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No fillets are worth giving up screaming drags for!

I might have to argue with that one. I love having plenty of walleye fillets in the freezer.

I guess my mistake was starting to fish lake o a couple years ago. It makes it tough to pick a lake some days but can't help but appreciate how lucky we are.

Looks like a beautiful morning up there.

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Thanks King slammin for the great report. Heading up there on Thursday- Sunday. Still learning a lot about salmon fishing but this will give me a head start. Thanks again. Jeff

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Awesome job King!! Glad to hear you had some action!! I have to agree with the eye guys, a freezer full of eye fillets is better then anything screaming even the wife!! LOL good to see ya on LakeO

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