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11" Paddle with fly, longer lead, 30-36" iron duke UV extravaganza was the hot ticket, also running a mag dipsy 300' back with SD and fly, with 15' lead to SD. water was stained but fish were active. Start out with lead cores in shallow 40-55' then head out deep 200-250 Lakers were suspended down 75-110 one rigger at 85 and one at 125 both with paddles or SD that put 40+ in the boat for is each day this weekend. If one doesn't fire change color or lead length. Deans cove place to launch. Good luck!

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I wouldn't spend my time fishing Canandaigua. The recreational boat traffic out here is unreal and the heaviest this year  I've ever seen anywhere. Consequently the fish are nowhere to be seen most of the time. Some of the jet skis are already out at 7 AM so that is no answer either :lol: Nautitroller gave you great information. This is what I'd be doing too.

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