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downtown elmira? yep. downtown elmira.


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Elmira actually has some really good fishing in the town. River, lakes, etc. as I live near Corning. Only thing is, I wouldn't venture to Elmira much if u get my drift.

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Not surprised - Every year they pull a monster outta there but I have fished it (City of) and the experience isn't there.  Venture up or down stream and you get that back. 


The whole river system from Lawrenceville down is loaded with muskies and tigers.  The Cowanesque dam in PA stocks it heavy with musky and then end up in the river system.  Access is limited unless you have a hand launchable boat.  This year you will spend more time draggin it then sitting in it.

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I live in West Elmira and used to fish the river specifically for muskies until I got the trout bug bad a couple years ago. 52" is the largest Ive heard from out of there. That is a true trophy. My max is 45". Some years are hit or miss. This time of year the river is so low you can walk across 80% of it (I've trashed several props throughout the years). Any fish that is caught at this temp in the shallow water is a goner; I really hope that fish is being put on a wall. One of the biggest dangers of boating in the downtown Elmira area is dodging submerged shopping carts, bicycles and tires. Watch out for the hood rats and thugs along the riverside in the downtown area. Always wear shoes because I almost stepped on a syringe in my reef sandals at the dunn field launch 4 years ago. DEC presence could be greatly used in the down town area; I highly doubt a 1/5th of the people fishing have liscenses. I love the Chemung and always will; its where I got my start and will fish it the rest of my life. Congrats on the trophy whoever caught it!

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