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Will running 4 lines work ?


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I recently purchased a 22 ft GW tournament and do not have the time to set up permanently right now but hoping to get out half a dozen times in August.

8ft beam.

2 dipseys or deep 6's straight back from 30 degree flush mount rod holders.

2 dipseys out the side off Scotty gimbal mount big game rod holders at a 2/3 setting.

Do not want to put downriggers on yet as I am unsure of brand and configuration.

Will this get me enough coverage and avoid tangled or will two straight back deep be trouble?

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I think before the main question can be answered it is important to know things like whether you are using wire or mono on the dipseys and the specific size of each of the dipseys and what you intend to run behind them and what species you intend to target. 

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Thx and sorry.

I was hoping to target mainly salmon on the deep lines and whatever happens on the higher ones ?

For example :

One deep six trying to obtain 75/90 ft depth with braid if fleas allow running flasher / fly

One deep six on braid maybe 50 ft down running spoon.

Thinking one would need to be out 200 ft to achieve depth and the other maybe 110?

Dipseys in similar fashion with braid - hoping one f/f and one spoon.

Again hoping braid if not crazy to clean.

Likely line out on dipseys 125 - 225 ?

Thx for taking the time to ask.

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You're very welcome.  From what I'm hearing the fleas are starting to get bad and that is when I leave my braid stuff at home. For me at least braid seems to clog up the most of anything I use and wire is easier to clean them off.  I'm assuming you have magnum size dipseys to get down where you wish to be and as far as the Deep 6 Divers that they are #5's which will get down to about 90 ft. I'm not real familiar with the dive curve for the Deep 6's but I'm thinking you'll have to let out more line than that (also depends on the diameter of the braid to an extent) to get to 90 ft. probably close to 280-300 maybe with flasher/fly (and depending on size and type of flasher ='s drag).  I think you can figure about a 3 to 1 on the mag dipseys so the 225 seems reasonable for the  70 ft. I think what I would do (which is different than how I run my stuff because I am set up differently than you describe and you didn't mention boards etc.) is to think about running  the flasher/ flies on the Deep 6's one on the side and one straight back on the opposite rear area of the boat at those deepest depths and with the dipseys one off the side running at 50 ft. set at 1 1/2 to 2 and the other straight back at 70 ft. set at 1 1/2  or 2.. If  set at 2 you may have to have  more line out than you think too. I'm assuming here that the two Deep 6's are running at something resembling a 0 setting on a dipsey (e/g/ straight down and back). I would hope that this type of setup would give you the necessary separation while covering the way you wish in the water column. You could also take your chances and run the two Deep 6's one off each side set to 1 to 1 1/2  and run the dipseys off the rear set each set to 1 1/2 to 2 but again you'll have quite a bit of line out and if taking any radical turns either setup could be a problem :) Other folks may have different thoughts on it. Good luck with it and with the fishing.

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Double diver sets are very commonly run, usually in conjunction with riggers and coppers in fact, so you shouldn't have a problem. The most common setups are wire line (Malin or Mason 7-strand or Torpedo 19-strand), with 1000' spooled straight onto a 47 size linecounter reel...cinch onto a single pass of mono to reduce slippage, or tie off to the cleat on the spool. In August it's probably good to have Magnum Dipsy Divers or Deeper Divers to achieve depth (we've been running Chinook divers lately with good success). Each side gets an 8' and a 9 1/2 foot rod. The 8' rod is rigged with a diver set to run deep on the inside, using a #1 setting; the 9 1/2 foot rod runs shallower to the outside on a 3 or 4 setting. We generally will run each of the two rods with the same amount of line out. One side might be set with both rods at 180' and the other side at 260', for example. This seems to help reduce tangles. It doesn't matter whether you put the inside short or outside long run out first, so long as you maintain tension as they deploy. I like to hand set them to 50' then let a loose drag do the rest. Good luck!

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Braid will be a big pain with fleas. Only one brand will work well if you need to use braid, and maybe you already own some and that is why you want to use it over spending for a new line setup.

I have had very good experience with Fireline Fused Original...30 lb..and that is the only brand that has worked well that I know of. If you have power pro..don't use it with the fleas out there now. You will not be happy!..10 minutes trolling and you have to bring it in and clean it. 20 minutes and you will not be bringing it in with out major troubles. Wire is only better for the cleaning off aspect, it still gathers fleas as bad as braid in my opinion.

Nothing is perfect using divers. If you go mono, then you get stretch and that is no fun either. I recommend the Fireline if you must have braid...but be sure it is fused original 30lb. The crystal brand of fire line is no good for the fleas either.

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If I know I'm in to fish I run 6 rods out of the back of a 16 ft home made center console the boat only has a 4.5 ft beam. I run multiple 2 divers on each side with 2 down riggers out the back and very rarely have tangles. Just keep your short leads on your dipsy closest to the boat on 1 or 1.5 and the long lead divers on the out side at 2.5 or 3 and you should be fine. If I'm running lines down the shoot I always have them elevated to help keep them clear of everything.

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