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Nine mile report 7/16

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Today was not my day.. fished between 530 - 1100 am, between 140-220 fow..

I lost 3 screamers down 90, all on red big daddy flashers with cut bait rig.. I ran 2 riggers, both with this set up. Flashers were 5' behind the balls, trolling 3.1 on the surface to get 2.6 on the ball @90' down with the bow into the waves. Could not get a strike trolling east..

Of the 3 screamers I hooked I did manage to get one up to the boat, but struggled with the net gettn pounded buy 3 foot + waves and lost that one as well.. Awesome battle though! Mid 20's fish.. Was buy myself because my partner grew a vagina when he saw lake conditions.

There was no delay with the 3 hook ups I had, these fish hit and were screaming line immediately which tells me the few fish in that area were hungry.. I marked no bait.. For the most part I had empty screen.. All hook ups were before 7am will try again tomorrow.

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