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Sandy creek first time

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Went out of Sandy Creek for the first time this morning.  The parking lot was full of boats and so was the water.  Nice to see a lot of fishermen out there.  We usually fish from Bear Creek and it's a pretty lonely out there.  We boated two nice salmon and had two knockoffs.  Using Wonder Bread. Watermelon and NBK.  A lot of the fishermen were saying the fish were biting on everything. Which i think was true.  The parking lot on the way out was interesting as it is the first time I have seen a homemade plywood boat on the water.  It seemed to float OK and the poor guy whose boat dropped off the trailer to fast and smacked on the cement while he was trying to launch.  That was interesting to see 4 guys trying to lift a fiberglass boat up.  


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Yep very interesting day out of Hamlin yesterday! Hardly ever do we see that many trailers in both parking lots. Caught a 14 pound king and smaller that I released as well. Saw some Alewives jumping and fish chasing them like crazy in 200 ft of water! And I was the guy in the plywood boat! Had it out 60 plus times now! Enjoy the fishing, it has been great!

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