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color does matter

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Just a little info for some newbies to trolling or down rigging for salmon.. over my many years of down rigging for salmon in both lake Ontario and Owen sound  I defiantly found color is a factor. Especially dark versus light. color.For example in lake Ontario the water clarity is not as good as up in Owen Sound.In lake Ontario you can get away with lighter colors like silver/blue, silver/green, white/silver, white/ blue, white/green down to about 35ft. anything deeper go to darker colors especially when fishing around 70 ft.and deeper, go to black/purple/, blk/ green, blk/blue. In Owen sound you can get away with the lighter colors rt down to about 70 to 80 ft range. But one trick I did use in Owen sound was if you hit the lake early like I do and it's still dark or very little light start off with darker colors , works the same as if the water clarity was bad.it's all what the fish see at that particular light conditions, the more light available the lighter the coloe the less light the darker the color on the lure.   Good Fishing..

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