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Yankee @ the Oak 7/16-7/17 - Big Salmon and a nice Chromer

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Saturday - Slammed them this morning 4-6 miles west on the 25-27N line! We grabbed the boat record for the season at 28lbs. Familiar Bite on our 140' Cannon DT10 took the big guy. Team Dreamweaver Sea Sick Waddler was good Mupped today, A-TOM-MIK glow blue hammer and sherbet flies were going on the divers out 200-225'. Even took a fish on a plug run on some A-TOM-MIK copper. Everything was catching fish, and everyone was happy! 












Sunday - Another day on Lake Awesome (Ontario). Steelhead to 14lbs and Salmon to 24lbs. Familiar Bite meat took a few fish, but nothing huge today. A-TOM-MIK Ultra Green Glow and Hypnotist were studs on our divers out 225'. Our Cannon DT10's were going from 50-85' with various Team Dreamweaver spoons. Even took a fish today on a plug. We worked water from 6 miles West to right out front by the end of the day. Fished water from 200-400. 







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