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dunkirk 7/5

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Had only a couple of hours to fish today, so I went out with a friend to

give it a shot.

Lots of fish high early, so i put out 1 rigger, 1 big slide and 2 20 jets off the boards. Did 4 walleye and dropped a nice steelie. Talking to the guys

later at the marina, seemed as though it was a tough bite today, and

many guys only had a couple. Likely a result of the NE wind.

3 on 20 jets, black, 175 back off the big boards, watermelon harnesses.

1 off the big slide, no rig, on 3, 160 back on a DW chicken wing. Dropped

steelie was on a DW glow frog, 45 down. 4 out of 5 came going into the

waves, 2.1 at the ball.

Back out in the a.m.


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When running the #20 divers, how long do you run your leader to the bait? Can you run harnesses or stick baits and still be in the same strike zone? I've never used them before & would appreciate any info. Thanks

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Generally, I'm running about 8 feet of leader behind the jet.

Gotta still be able to net the fish! I normally use harnesses

on those, but have run smaller spoons and sticks. Doesn't

seem to make a difference in the depth.

20 jets pretty much go about 20ft; 30 jets 30 ft and so on.

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