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Lake Erie Ice and early Lake Ontario fishing


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The ice off Sturgeon Point is about 15 inches and reports from Ohio have 15 inches plus there are huge shoves of ice all over the lake from high winds lately. The ice breakers of USA and Canada are having a tough time out there this year. If the breakup occurs all that Ohio ice will blow down to the Eastern basin and take a long time to melt. Be prepared for early fishing west of Port Dahlousie when it warms up. The canal systems will be flowing ice cold Lake Erie water into Lake Ontario for a long time this spring. When the ice disappears, the bar will turn on as the warmer Ohio waters will flow out of the Niagara River then. The Welland Canal will warm up first and the fishing off Port Weller will be good then.My plans are to have the boat ready by March 15th to head to Port Dahlousie and launch at the St. Catherines Game and Fish boat launch.

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