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Honestly Joe, anywhere from 100-400fow has been good. More bows past 200. After this blow, you'll probably be past 150. I haven't even looked inside for browns, but the bait is there every time I'm running out or in.

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In the water at 5am. Took a look inside, lots of bait and some hooks. Set up in 100fow and went north. First fish 12lb brown, mupped up sea sick waddler parked at 95ft. That set up took 5 fish. 200FOW was good for us all morning. We went 9 for 12, 8 kings to 20lbs and the one Brown. Laser Spook took fish, meat took fish off

the divers parked at 280 and 300 on a 3 setting. Down temps were 44 degrees at 95ft over 200 fow.

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