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DR ball weight

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Hello all,


I understand that the deeper you go, the heavier the ball must be. So is there a disadvantage of using a heavier ball in shallower trolling depths?


Thanks in advance!



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It depends on what you consider shallow, and at what speed did you intend to go? But the general rule of thumb is that set up would be ok for like 50ft down at 1.8-2.3 mph. To answer your question if you in 30ft it wouldn't matter if the ball is 6# or 16#. Other than the size, I can't come up with a reason as to why you can't use a heavier ball. For instance I run 12# torpedo's from spring to fall. But I do use smaller dipsys and snap weights when trying to be more stealthy. What difference does it make if you run a spoon 150ft behind a 6# ball or a 16# ball none in my book. Maybe others will chime in with reasons why you shouldn't use a bigger ball if that's all you got??

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