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Ruff Rider Live Sodus Report 24 July 2016

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Dude - that's absolutely fantastic!! About 5-6 years ago I saw a guy land a 6-7## brown on the Webster Pier using the same Barbie rod..........


Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for sharing,



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Very funny Nick and Theresa :yes: . It also has some learning value as it nicely illustrates that in order to have fun on lake O you don't necessarily have to have the latest and greatest rods and reels etc.  If you have a boat and can get out there this sport is still fun with "regular" gear.  It was a good laugh and novel way to get the point across :) 

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That's funny bc my little girls have the same barbie poles ....I'm always untangling them lmao

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Well Kevin, it sounds like you're next up in the barbie rod challenge!
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