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Lake Ontario - Oakville Area


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I have never fished this area but would like to get out this year and try it. I live closer to Lake Huron but the fishing has been awful for me and am willing to drive 2 hrs for a much better chance to catch fish. I have no clue what it's like and realize there's a chance of driving there and not being able to get out. Anyway, how far out from shore until you're in around 100'? Any certain weather stations to monitor while on the lake? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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I have never fished the Oakville area before but I launch 10 km east out of port credit all the time. Lakefront promenade ramp is clean with washrooms and is big with 2 launches. Get there early as parking can be a pain on weekends...lots of 11' cars parked in the middle of truck/trailer spots to go for picnics. 100 FOW is about 3-4 miles from shore but I often see boats fishing much shallower going for steelhead I'm guessing. Kings are there!

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