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It has been slow for us the past couple days.we have fished from 140 to 190 fow with most of the other boats. Fish are very scattered, with only occasional marks.

We lost two decent fish yesterday morning - one to a pulled swivel on a pro king magnum spoon green and black, and one broke us off on cut bait off a 250 dipsy.

Yesterday also did an evening troll in the same vicinity and was still slow, but did manage two hits on a blue dolphin spin doctor with a blue dreamweaver fly. That was out 285, and my cousin, just in from Seattle, was able to land an 18 pound king. He was happy, and that made our trip.

Just one skippy this morning, sounded very slow for most on the radio.

Hope to get out this evening.

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I was out of fair Haven for the first time in 30 years. Took something on an orange hot N tot that spooled my Cardinal spinning reel in 15 seconds while trolling for bass and I've been hooked on salmon ever since.

This morning we Passed up Oswego because of the Harborfest Headaches. Started in 140-180 with everyone else just west of the chute. Didn't see anyone doing anything so we pushed out to deeper water took a king on a mag dipsey 330 on a 1 setting. White flasher ultra green glow atomik fly. By 10 I switched out the meat on the riggers with flasher flies. Ultra green glow went twice on the rigger, black and purple nk mag on 500 copper and cheated sea sick waddlers and nbk down 120 and 125 took multiple hits.

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ADK- fairheaven to Oswego takes about 45mins @ 20-25mph, but depends on how the lake is. Very doable and good fishing between the two. I also struck out last night and took a look at the lake this morning and thought better of it. Kinda nasty out today, so off to cross lake for pike instead.

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