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Autopilot ideas


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Good thing is with hydraulic steering on boat you have a lot more options available for you. AP systems are pricey without a doubt. Me personally this is not an item I would purchase used given the number of different components involved. Alot of systems available today will not be tomm. Take your time and find system that works for you and your boat. They are a great tool for trolling. I would never be without one on my boat.

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I was thinking of the 72 inch I pilot terrova for my boat. All it needs to do on mine would be steer and supplement the 9.9 kicker on the back. No need for huge thrust just to guide the bow. Waves could be trouble but even momentarily cavitation wouldn't seem to be big issue in my guess. My freeboard up front is a bit high as well. 72 shaft inches is 6 feet.

Thinking about it!

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I'm looking for an autopilot to go on a 20' 150hp OB with hydraulic steering? It seems there is no half way inexpensive such thing?? I am open to any ideas or autopilots you may have for sale or know where one may be for sale. Thanks in advance! attachicon.gif20160719_124611.jpg

I don't think they are catching on.

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Before you buy a steering wheel auto pilot....check one out in use.  My buddy had one and the noise drove me nuts....maybe the newer ones have gotten quieter....also the less expensive hydraulic ones don't seem to last too long.....save your pennies and get a good one.


I use a Minn-kota Terrova as my autopilot on my 20ft tin boat with a 24 volt system...2 dedicated agm batteries.....works all day with power to spare.


I have in the classifieds a MinnKota Powerdrive with auto pilot, maybe it can work for you


Posted July 03, 2016 - 1:23 PM


MinnKota Powerdrive.  Auto pilot, 65lbs thrust, 60" shaft, 24v with footpedal control and cord.   $500


call or text  585-two five nine- 2631

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Raymarine has discontinued the steering wheel mounted ones. I have not been able to find another company that makes that style. But There is a model for a sail boat that might work but it bolts directly to the back of the wheel. And a used one is very hard to find.

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I run a 36v. Bow mount on my 21' cutty with a 4.3 IO, no trolling plate, I run 2 Amish outfitter 28" bags of I want to go less than 2mph for eyes, no bags for salmon, I have never killed the batteries ever and I have fished some marathon days! Plus if you want to anchor up just spot lock and it will hold better than any anchor could. I have perch fished in 2-4' waves with no problems.

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