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***Reminder: $100 reward for catching these tags***

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Hey guys,

This project has been ongoing for 3 years and the amount of effort gone into these studies has been under appreciated due to lack of knowledge of its existance.

The goal with this video is to get this fish telemetry project exposed to as many salmon fisherman as possible so the return rate on tags is better.

This means more information on migration patterns can be gained on our beloved great lakes kings and other pacific species.

The GLIER team will follow this post so any questions or inquiries can be left here and will aswered by them!

Your support on this project is appreciated!


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Very interesting. There is also a lot of studies being done throughout the Great Lakes on a variety of species using acoustic telemetry. This is where there is a transmitter surgically implanted into the fish and it emits a sonic ping with ID info every 3 min. I believe the battery in a transmitter lasts about 3 years. The pings are picked up by receivers that are placed in strategic locations. Each group that is conducting a study has deployed receivers in locations specifically important to that study. The receivers have to be retrieved on a yearly basis to download the data from them.


In Lake Erie it is being used to track walleye, trout, sturgeon and several other species. There are receivers throughout the lake, the Upper Niagara River and the Welland Canal. Each project group takes care of their receivers but the receivers will also record data from any transmitter that passes by. Receivers placed for walleye studies will also record data from a transmitter in a sturgeon and so on. After the data is retrieved by the group doing the study, any data from other tags is forwarded to the appropriate study group. So they all complement each other through the network of receivers.


There are also systems in Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River. I think it is being done in other Great Lakes as well as for saltwater studies.


In lake Erie, there is a reward (I think it is $100) for returning transmitters found in caught walleye. I think there is an external ID tag as well. There may be similar rewards for transmitters from other species but I am sure they would prefer the fish is released unharmed (if possible) to continue the study and that they are informed of the release.


The Niagara Musky Association is hoping to start a study in the Buffalo Harbor for Muskies. They are awaiting grant approval.  Since most likely the transmitters will be installed in fish that are below the 54" legal size limit, I don't know if they will offer a reward, but I am sure they will want to retrieve any tag from a fish that may turn up dead and would also like to be informed of any catch and release.

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