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I've caught salmon on rapalas in the spring while trolling the shoreline.  That being said, a rapala is kind of delicate, and it could get pretty expensive if you had a lot of action from big chinooks.  Those balsa lures get chewed up.

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Not a stupid question at all. I think some folks do still troll for salmon with sticks but they are usually most effective in the Spring rather than at this point in the season.  J-plugs are still used  but as even in the old days primarily later in the season or Fall. The dodger and squid may not be as "popular" anymore but that combo still works and should be kept in the arsenal. Dodgers have different action than  flashers or spinneys and sometimes the fish seem to want something different so it pays to hold on to the old stuff whether spoons or attractors for when a 'change up" is needed to get the fish to hit.

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Plugs always work for Salmon spring n fall however the biggest issue I've always felt is trolling speed for salmon vs troll speed for trout let's say .

I've never been a speed fan since 2mph's & under worked very well , that being said plug capability to swim at spoon speeds was not always best .

So u either had to change set to one or other or modify spoon to work @'plug speed !

This is shallow water only spring / fall season , running plugs off DR's in deep water conditions is a lot tougher than simply running clean spoons , can be done but then again u run into proper speeds for each set .

I've ways preferred running plugs when possible but stacking DR em'

Never appealed to me but in shallowwater conditions my go to lure for most part .

Fish when aggressive plugs shine under tease incentive bites maybe not the best . It's good to recognize best u can what produces when & go with that choice on given day . Lotsa if @ & butts to get it right .

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I actually use stick baits in the spring than bring them back out really late in the shallows.

Growing up on Lake Michigan I can remember using nothing but j-plugs all summer and fall. With a spoon day here or there. I don't run plugs much on Lake O.

Also, guy was using j-plugs other day I know and caught 3 off it.

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