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IT'S A FISHAL-Salmon Slam Champions.

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What a awesome derby, first off I would like to start out by sending a huge thank you to Nick and Teresa (Ruff Rider)for sleepless nights of hard work to make all this happen.

OK after a 2.5 hour drive from Port of Rochester to Sodus point. Fighting 6 to 8 footers against the east winds. I could barely walk after I got there. I get land sick not sea sick. I BELONG ON THE WATER.LOL. The ride back sat afternoon wasn't much better, at least I had the wind to my back. But waves just to big(8to10 footers). Kept sucking me back down into them. Rrrrrrgg. I made it home alive. Land Sick again[emoji21]

Thank you truly to the veterans for years of service and protection. I had the great honor of having Mike Hermann (Healing Waters personal)aboard.

We were on the salmon within a half hour. Went 3 for 4 in 4 to 6 foot wake with occasional 5 to 7. Heck of a ride. All screamers except 1 shaker. Landed 20lber and 23.72lber. Had another huge one on for about 5 minutes, then off. All were in 200 fow 95 to 110 down. They were liking it cold. (44 degrees). Couldn't ask for a better cause to go fishing.


To all that did not make it, please contact Nick (Ruff Rider) get on board for next year. What a friendly warm derby. Huge turn-out this year, considering the weather. We had captains and Veterans from all over the great Lakes show up. AWESOME, that's all I can say. I officially recommend this derby.

Happy Fishing, See you out there.post-148809-14700244035797_thumb.jpg

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:yes:  to all participants and great job Nick and Theresa and volunteers. A lot of happy folks! :)

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Had awesome time, thank you Nick and Theresa and everyone that help organize this great tournament. Thanks again to the vets for there service. Hope to see everyone next year!

We couldn't of did it without you. Thanks for coming. Thanks for being part of the team. Great driving.

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I participated out of Hughes and have to say that (Overkill-Capt. Jeff Stettler, Capt. Jerry Snyder of Dandy Eyes charters) and every single person involved in this event at Hughes Marina INCLUDING of course Stormin Norman Hughes and his wife Jeanette along with Barbecue Dan and John Pagliuso and the Williamson Fire Dept and Pultneyville Vol. Fire Rescue Boat and all the vets made for just a bang up day with good catches comming in, despite how Lake O behaved!  Next year should be even better and bigger!  I ain't kiddin when I say a first class operation all the way.  Jeff Stettler provided the volunteer services of one of his construction crews throughout the weekend which was a huge help to the event.  The event even had a Black Hawk fly over at tree top level to look at the American Flag as provided by the Williamson Vol. Fire Dept.  That of course was serendipitous to the event.  thanks to all


PS  I know I am forgetting a ton of folks and sponsors but thanks to all


Ok I knew I would forget a very important person as it regarded my little task during this event.  That is Cosigner owner/capt. Dave Cole.  He and I were to flilet the catch and package it.  All I can say is  the dude is a fish filleting machine and I kid you not.  Done in under 30 minutes flat.  That is if I recall 6 or 7 coolers and one garbage bag of fish. Multiple fish in each.  Filleted, trimmed neatly, washed and packaged and organized back into the coolers. So there ya go

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