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Cayuga Jig 8/3


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Lake was rough so went north of Taughannok as only spot less rough. Still good drift. Landed a bunch again most above 26". 85-95fow. Bite was slow but most hits were hard and hooked. Caught some reeling up as close as 15' to boat. With fast drift had to zing them out down wind. Had some take it coming back to boat. Kept this one, would not revive, all others did well. Pic is with Hermit's 1.25 jig painted glow white. Only ones I use as they work. Sorry about pic, could not get it to rotate.
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Nice, smarter than us, we got pounded in the unexpectedly stiff wind up out of Dean's, couldn't go anywhere, Guff did get one nice eater but we gave up after about 3 hours of big waves and terrible conditions... couldn't even make headway when we finally went back.

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Out on Thursday morning, here's a few pics for fun.  Fishing was good in 80-100.  I know I've caught ~10" lakers but I think this is my smallest.  Ten minutes later I snagged a 7" alewife.  6" lake trout:




And there is a large fish in this picture I promise... or at least part of one! :lol:  And the tail of the jig.  I tried to take an underwater pic but mostly missed.  Kind of an interesting pic anyway, though better aim would have helped.  A lot.



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