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Cross Lake


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For those that don't know it, it's located in Cato NY. About a half hour south of Fairheaven and Oswego. Launch at the north end is open to the public at $10 to launch, season pass is around $80. Fish wise it's got about everything you'd find in the Senica river/ canal. It's my go to for quick trips or days the big lake is nasty. If you're looking to boat fish for the kids or a fish fry, the species to target are silver perch. This lake if full of them and they're tasty. Trolling spoons at 30ft down with dipseys or just 1oz lead is the best way to get them. Average size using spoons ( same ones for salmon) is 12-14". When you find them it's not uncommon to have multiple rods fire at the same time. As a bonus bigger fish such as cats, pike and walleye are also picked up using this same set up. South half of the lake seems to be the most productive. So if you want to keep kids busy, give it a try.

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I'm impressed! I have a camp on the Seneca River near Cross Lake and have caught lots of White Perch but most are 6 to 8" and I have to throw back tons of smaller ones. I'd love to get some 12-14". Most have been caught in 17-20 feet of water. Guess I'll have to go deeper and use bigger lures. Sandwick, when you vertical jig do you use walleye jigs or something else?

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