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Skaneateles update


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Where ya fishing rusty

Right now I'm boatless, but have arrangements to pick up a new(to me) one next week.

I've tried kayak rising there, but discovered it's not for me. Anyone looking for a fully loaded fishing kayak, stay tuned ! (2016 Wilderness Ride 115)

I usually troll mid lake, but will go where the fish take me. Skaneateles is beautiful, great fishing, sometimes difficult catching


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Nice bow! Congrats.

You are spot on with this lake, great fishing but not always catching. As for reports, My father was out a few days ago and got a LL 60' down on a small spoon. I was blown away, I have never had the luck of getting one or of skan.


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Yeah, that one swam away to fight another day. It would be neat to start seeing a better LL fishery in Skan.

Hopefully the lakes getting some of this rain we are having in Albany as well. I saw a photo of the town docks and WOW it was low. It looks like you might have to jump to get up on the dock.

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