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Hard water can come anytime


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Put the boat away this week and finished up on the Fall perch fishing so I'm psyched for ice fishing now.... Most of my stuff has been ready since this summer :lol: You'd think after all these years and going through the ice a couple of times I wouldn't get all that excited but ice fishing is something special :)  Let's hope for some good ice this year!

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I know everyone is antsy to wet a line, but Les made a good point, water in its 40's takes a while to freeze, especially if there's any depth to it. Please use caution when venturing out on the slick shyt!! LOL It's to early yet, work on your equipment for a week or two. A cold Canadian front is moving over the northeast and this will harden things up SOON.

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Made my way up north for a business meeting and to chase some pan fish. Very cold morning with wind chill values of 10 below. Several bodies of water with 3-4" of ice in places.....Hyde lake and black lake had anglers on the ice. Had decent luck with the blue gills and sunnies today. 2/3 of pail. Few perch Caught and 12-15 crappies all short, unfortunately...... Spikes with small jigs took most fish today... Fun day.

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