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Hey everyone my names kimberly I love to fish! And I fish for everything , I prefer stream fishing then sitting in one spot ( more adventurous ) but boats are fun too . Big time into spring and fall fishing trout and salmon and pickerel and bass in the summer . Me and my other half have a small 14ft aluminum boat . Here's a few pictures of some of my favorite fish caught post-161322-14709677071903_thumb.jpg

The first is a 40pnd King Chinook salmon caught in Bronte Creek on a 10ft float rod ( using roe bags)


Second is my biggest largemouth 4 1/2 pounds on a worm harness at Bass Lake up Bobcageon way.


Third is a decent sized pike trolling in wildwood Lake St marrys


Fourth is a large rainbow caught in Teeter ville Ontario


Fifth is a Shiney coho caught in Bronte

Those are just a few...

Sent from my SM-G530W using Lake Ontario United mobile app

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