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A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown standings 2016

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Congratulations Team Dirty Goose for the 2016 A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown Win, after 8 years of running this over-all series, Casey Prisco and his team are the 1st to ever win back to back: We had over 20 teams chase 3 events that stem from Oswego, Mexico and Fair Haven in 2016. A diverse set of conditions and a multi species set of tournaments that average 60-90 teams yearly is a lot to stay atop of. Job well done, Here are most of the standings:
1) 323.65 Dirty Goose 
2) 306.95 Mr Tex 
3) 289.10 Thunderstruck
4) 287.30 Screamer 
5) 277.10 A-TOM-MIK 
6) 236.40 Warship
7) 229.10 BP Adventures
8) 220.85 Horsin' Around
9) 186.75 Troubleshooter
10) 178.65 Angling Addict Offshore 
11) 148.00 Time Fly's 
12) 136.85 Liquid Plumber
13) 136.10 Primetime
14) 132.00 Hotwires
15) 124.30 Reel Fish
16) 119.20 All Out/DA
17) 112.40 Hot Pursuit Two
18) 108.30 Thinkin' Big 
19) 101.80 Out for Trout 
Other teams ranged to 75 total points


After 2 events


A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown standings after 2 events: Keep in mind 10 bonus points per event and its the best 2 of 3 placements. Good luck to all coming into Fair Haven and Congrats to the top teams !!!
1st) 313.65 Dirty Goose
2nd) 279.1 Thunderstruck
3rd) 207.1 Screamer / A-TOM-MIK
4th) 170.55 BP Adventures
5th) 140.4 Mr. Tex
6th) 136.1 Primetime
7th) 130.1 Troubleshooter
8th) 124.3 Reel Fish
9th) 123.2 Angling Addict
10th) 116.95 Team A-TOM-MIK
11th) 109.2 All Out/DA
12th) 108.75 Horsin' Around
13th) 102.4 Hot Pursuit Two
14th) 98.3 Thinkin' Big 
15th) 81.8 Out for Trout
16th) 76.55 Seaducktion
17th) 74.35 Warship
18th) 68.6 Liquid Plumber
19th) 63.2 Team Buffa
20th) 48.05 Smahmouth
21st) 34.65 Hotwires 
22nd) 26.55 Dirty Work


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Thank you for all the efforts made to make this a very friendly and happy tournament. We really enjoyed the triple crown tournament. It is a sure chance to meet good people while engaged in friendly competition.

God willing,I'll be back next year for more.

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