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 We fished Thur threw Sunday. Brought 4 boats. 3 guys per boat. Ran off shore right away. 460 to 480. I would say each boat took about 30 rips a 7 hr or so trip out. Mostly steelhead, a few very nice coho's, with mature and younger salmon coming in spurts or just at random. I would say our boat had our hooks into maybe 8 or 9 matures in 3 days. 50 to 85 down. Higher early and dropping as the day went. Spoons and FF all did well really. Flasher fly was better for most the big fish. We waited till 1030 this morning and made the run back out to the same numbers we had all circled for the past 3 days. Was able to do 14 to 18 mph most the ride. It had settled down a lot from 5 am. Yesterday we all had a very fun ride in when that lake blew up .Very fun. Anyway, we only fished 3 hours and went 3 for 5 with 1 lost screamer and rest steel. The temp went to hell on us however and it was tough. 54 still at 110 down. Best part of the entire trip was my Uncle Pete catching a 32 lb king about 2 hrs into our trip. I will try and post a picture. Fish was amazing . Thanks to all the guys that contribute on this site. I have learned a ton right here. Next weekend is already a possibility for some of us to come on back for more. Good luck out there. Oh and make sure those big in line boards don't slide down to your backing/ copper knot. A few screamers are dragging around a 300 and 400 copper . WOW. learned the proper way to connect them so they cant slide just a day or 2 late. I know that wont happen again! Huge Thank you to my buddy Mike for having me aboard

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