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Kid gets his first fish!

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Awesome 38" pike caught in Irondequoit bay aboard the BOTTOMFEEDER!

20 down over 80fow! The kid said he wanted to catch a pike on vacation and we made it happen!

Caught on a Glow green deep Thunderstick.

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Thursday evening we tried everthing from drop shot to trolling cranks to live worms with no luck. The kid was so enthusiastic I really wanted to get him a fish. He told his parents he wanted to catch a northern pike but they aren't plentiful in the bay. I felt bad that we got skunked on Thursday evening and told them to meet me at the dock Sunday at 6:30 AM. I swung for the fence and headed for no-mans land right down the middle in the deepest part and threw out the big deep divers. This beauty hit 20 down over 80FOW!

It made his day/vacation and was one of the most rewarding fishing trips I've ever had.Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

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