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Yankee at the Oak 8/13-8/14

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Quick report! Rough couple of days this weekend!


Saturday - Made the decision to stay inside and fish BT given horrible offshore reports. Fished 70-80' of water from Troutsburg to the pump house that's West of Sandy. Cleaned 8 BT, lost 5, and tossed back 4 small ones. Early on Stinger Sea Sick Waddlers were going on our Cannon downriggers, and Frost Bites were going on our wires. After the sun came up we took fish on FishUSA DW Martel SS's. 







Sunday - Canceled the morning due to weather, so on our afternoon trip we ran out to the 30N line and fished NW out to the 33N. 33N line was loaded with fish and bait. Mostly smaller Salmon and steelbow. Moonshine Shelly snacks and Carbon 14s were going on our Cannon downriggers 55-80'. Familiar Bite went a few times down 100-120' as well. DW 72 Monty went on our divers out 175'. 





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Rick, what kind of divers are you using?  Your lengths always seems much shorter than what I run, so I'm wondering if maybe you are using Chinooks or Mags?


We use regular ol' LJ divers. It's the wire we use that gets us a much better dive curve proved with a Smart Troll. American Fishing Wire 30lb Camo 7 strand is a tick larger than Malin 20lb. You just need to be real careful with it not to ever let it get loose on you. It will pig tail after you start using it and letting it loose may cause kinks.

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What speeds are you doing for the Browns I'm taking the new boat on its first run Friday morning and was thinking trying some browns

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We're not GREAT brown trout fisherman, but we do around the same speed no matter what we chase. On our Moor Subtroll we keep it between 1.8 and 2.1. On our Smart Troll that's 2.5-2.9.

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I see you had my friends out, They contacted me later and said my recommendation was spot on. Thanks for showing Mark, Deb and the  boys a great time.


Thanks for the referral bud. The kids were a lot of fun! 

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