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Cayuga Panfish


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If the weather is well I plane on taking my grand kids 2yr and 5yr up to Cayuga on Friday the 19th and want to

get them in to some action on perch or sunnies. How is the perch or sunny action anywhere above Sheldrake Point ?

  We fished Myers and below to Ithaca 3 weeks ago and not even a nibble using night walkers. Kids were more 

patient than I thought they would be.

Appreciate the report.



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I know this is the other side from Sheldrake but I just came back from a long weekend near Long Point at the family cottage.  My kids and nephews (all 6 and under) probably caught 50 between them.  Bluegills, sunnies, perch and a few bass.  All right off the dock.  Ton of fun.  Best conditions I've seen since May.  #6 aberdeen and crawlers worked best for us.  I did well with largemouth on topwaters since it was so calm Sunday and Monday.  Enjoy!

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 Cayuga Lake panfishing  has changed.. Gobies have devastated the fishery..  At least for me anyway. Everywhere i go I catch Gobies and nothing but Gobies.. I no longer fish Cayuga for panfish after doing so with great success  for 25 years.. There are guys that say they still catch them good, but I haven't seen them do it personally.
 If you use worms, make sure they don't get close to the bottom, as they are  attacked by hundreds of Gobies instantly.. Those damn things are a curse..
 You might do better using minnows off the bottom and try and find some perch... 

Do you have a boat??.. If so, you would do a lot better for sunnies and perch at Cayuta Lake..There are a LOT of panfish there.. Small sinker, maybe 1/2 oz, and two hooks each with a 1/4 nightcrawler drfited along bottom  will get you into scads of nice sunnies, and some good size perch, with a LOT of action.. I caught  over 50 eating size panfish there a few weeks ago. If its real windy simply anchor up.. Anywhere on the lake is good,  I usually stay in water around 17-21 feet deep, which is the majority of the lake...  My grandson is 3 and he had a blast catching nice size sunnies there... bob

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