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Lowrance customer service.

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Funny that this thread is up.  I just called Lowrance tech support on Wednesday to answer questions about getting a reading for the thermocline on my Mark 4 Chirp (black and white).  The first email response was "Yes, this unit will display the thermocline just not as well as the color version".  I had to email them back to ask "Ok thanks, how would I go about setting it up to find this reading?", the response was "there are some good videos on YouTube about finding thermoclines."  Seriously?!  BTW I could not find a video for this particular unit which is why I called the company that makes the product figuring at least They would know the answer.  

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Not that I want to bail the company out, but we had a prime example today of how to find the thermocline. I was marking what looked like bottom at 110' in 500+ fow. The surface clarity was set to low and the noise rejection was off. As soon as I set clarity to high and noise rejection to medium, the picture returned to normal. It was marking the hard break 110 feet down. Hope that helps.

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