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Coyotes and Fox 2016/2017


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My brother in law has a col of dogs. Were from tompkins county. We don't get to hunt other than the weekends but for a quick hunt we ended up with me shooting 2 coyote. 1 nice make and the other got away. We had it bayed but couldn't get to it in time and the damn thing crossed road on us. What a blast though

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After reading the posts on coyote hunting I was thinking of giving it a try. I wasn't sure if there were many around my area but this morning I got my answer. When I was having breakfast my wife says that my 3 beef cows were running across the pasture. In front of them were 3 coyotes making a beeline for the fence. I knew from past experience that the cows don't like dogs of any kind. They are very protective of their calves. They mortally wounded the neighbors pet dog that was too slow to get out of their pasture in time a few years ago. I guess I'll have to research the equipment needed more closely. It sure sounds like fun to me.

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