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Owasco 8/17

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Howdy all,

I took the new Fishmaster for a test ride, launching out of Emerson Park around 4:00 pm.

Being a Cannon guy all my life, the Scotty downriggers took some getting used to. Same with the Hummingbird fishfinder/GPS unit. They are a little different than a Lowrance.

I ran riggers with spoons in and around the small bait pods I marked. They were mostly in the 40' range. Got a few marks around the bait.

Had a few releases, one was on for awhile, but let go before I could get a look.

Had another one on with a 7 color leadcore pulling a small black and silver stinger that also let go.

I found that the boat seems to be a little stern heavy with the 150 hp and 9.9 back there. Seems as if the steering is pretty sensitive with the bow higher than it should be. I'll probably try some type of ballast in the front to see if I can get it a little more level.

I hope to be installing an autopilot for the hydraulic steering. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I hope to do better next time, but overall the shakedown went well


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I have an islander 221, definely stern heavy is a common issue in alum boats, I put 200 lbs of tube sand as far up into the nose as I could get them and it has helped tremendously getting the nose down thus helping the steering and how it tracks. May just need to adjust the weight to whatever works for you, hope this helps!

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use your livewell ....put some water in it

I filled the livewell. Worked like a charm ! Thanks

Now all I have to do is find the fish

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