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Single, but Satisfying, Jigged Laker

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Hello All,


Today I fished with an old fishing buddy that I have not seen in 15 years.  I used to troll with him in his boat all the time.  This board played a part in my reconnecting with him again.  We were the only boat that caught anything all morning that we could see.  At least it was a nice one.  Would have liked for Bob to jig his first laker but it was worth the trip just to get caught up with him.


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Nice going Pete. :yes:  Likewise I've connected back up with folks I've known for a long time but not hung out with just because of the way life is (i.e. different paths) as well as met a bunch of folks I otherwise probably would not have gotten to know. You have hit on one of the very important virtues of this website that is not often mentioned.: the ability to connect or re-connect with like minded folks and in my view it is about ten steps above the common social media crap. I have met with total strangers to help them or demonstrate various fishing tactics at places like Bass Pro, Runnings, Wegman's etc. as well as many times met up with folks selling various things from downrigger booms to spoons, and rods etc. What I'm getting at is that this is a very special forum that appeals to many specific fishing interests as well as different levels of interest and experience on the part of participants. I have made some great friends via this website and it continues to be a valuable opportunity and source of information and contact. :yes: :yes: Two thumbs up for Chad :)

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