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Left the dock at 5am Saturday for the 3rd leg of the koto series. The plan was to work the inside waters early and try to get a staging king or 2 then head north. We worked the inside for a couple hours but nothing to show so Nick pointed the boat north. We worked out to almost 600ft and back in with only 3 small fish to show for it. Nick swung into 130 ft or so and the dipsey fired again and this time there was a freight train on the other end. After some problems with a sailboat and about a 30 min fight Garret slipped the net under my first 30 lber! What a time for it to happen at 1pm in a tournament with 2 derbies going on! We ended up in 3rd for the tournament and took big fish prize. We also took 2nd in the salmon division for the orleans county rotary derby. The fish hit our uv purple Minion flies meat rig behind a 11 inch white echip paddle. In fact all the fish we weighed in came on that rig.c2ebcf63dfd6ae1eeb1876b38876e2c9.jpg85f8b9dc4605fc6273d7668a5789e102.jpg

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Congrats! Nice Fish!

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