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Perch and crappie


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 This isn't the best time of the year for bank fishing for perch or crappie. Timing is everything. Try the ponds, Cranberry, Long, in the spring. Crap are the best bet right now with dough balls or corn.

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Iharold, I'm not an expert on fishing near Rochester but near Syracuse there seems to be a lot of panfish in the Canal near the banks. I've caught mostly Bluegill and Sunfish which keep kids interested because when you find them, the bite can be steady. There is a Canal Park in Greece. From the map it looks like it might be worth checking out.



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Fish the canal banks, jig the rock lines. This will produce more bass than perch but it can still be fun, just don't be the Dad who hooks a worm a foot under a bobber and lobs it out into the middle and stares at it for an hour and wonders why the kids think you're boring.

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Lol, thanks bro

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