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Canadice or Hemlock info


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Made it out late sat afternoon till dark, got skunked although my daughter caught a couple nice bluegill on a worm. Water temp was really warm did mark some fish sitting tight on the bottom at the deepest part of the lake( Canadice ) tried jigging them and dragged spoons and flasher/ fly but no takers. Nice night on the water though except for the bugs

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It can be rough in the summer time when the lake level drops and clears up trout get spooky you can watch them streak away from your rig when trolling on a graph. I always had best results pulling a dipsey diver rig off braid as close to the bottom as you can get the disc down there. 60-70fow small spoons . Darker colored dipsey and if you can troll with a trolling motor and no gas engine putting along...way better my experience

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