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Seneca Morning trip


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Carol , Kinger and I got out on Seneca this morning 1 for 2 , small brown good rip 71' down didn't hook up. Hoist worked good water still low as hell 3 or 4 inches lower and will need to pull boat.

When I had hoist put in last year the water level was at the low point for the summer controler depth. This was great set hoist up figure we would be good to go for ever....... now this year it hit that low level first week of August and been dropping ever since. I had the guy the put my dock in come back over and get every inch he could for lowering the hoist because I had to power off and on the way it was........... the part that pisses me off about this is the powers that control the lake levels keep dropping Seneca and Keuka BUT Cayuga stay up and has been gaining level the past two weeks..... I should send them the bill for my extra hoist work and if I have to pull boat a bill for non use of my camp.... Ok I'm done wawawaing... 

you can check the levels here''''''






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I`m down to 3 turns on the hoist drum before I run out of cable and won`t be able to get out.  May put extra long cable on hoist for next spring.  We need more rain!!

We need the people that control the lake levels to do it fair not one sided. Calling for some rain today just put side covers on and raised her up in the hoist....

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