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Seeking Input - Port Hope & Cobourg - End of September

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Thanks for the response Pace, it allows me to make the right decision in coming to Port Hope.  Not really keen on fishin' Ganaraska river from shore, but it will please my brother in-law that we join him in what he enjoys.  So I will leave my boat in Montreal, be a shore fishermen for a week-end.

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Frank, I fish lake champlain on a regular basis, the salmon (landlock salmon) bite is slow and the lake trout also.

The thermocline is down around 65-70 feet, reports of fishing 70-90 deep are somewhat successful.

They have a website also http://www.lakechamplainunited.com/forums/

Fishing will pick up again beginning October right into December.

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There are over a 1000 people fishing in the Ganaraska. Unbelievable the amount of fish that are killed only for the roe, the rest of the fish is wasted and left to rot . The MNR should close the river completely as most of the people fishing have no license . The $$ fines are too low and their fishing equipment should be confiscated . It was disgusting.

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