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NLTD news, Sampson weigh station

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Shortly after last seasons derby the Battery L group stepped down from their participation in running the weigh in. Chris and his group were involved in setting up and running the weigh. Also, they kept up the website and tried to keep postings of standings as current as they could. Now, after a recent conversation with Dan Poorman, the Barge Canal Bassmasters are now stepping down. This means Sampson has no volunteers to operate a Sampson Weigh Station. Any volunteers or suggestions would be appreciated.

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I think I remember you saying they are not going to do the boat raffle next year?if so maybe they could put more money in the lower place spots for Ll BT RT

The boat raffle is one of the topics up for discussion. There is a lot of people who believe it should be reconsidered. I will keep you posted as to the proposed changes.

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