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Daiwa Great Lakes 47lc Drag washers


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I have the same reels and wanted to upgrade my reels as well. Here is the response I received when I reached out to Tuna Tom

Hey Terry,

Thanks for looking us up. We really appreciate the interest! Unfortunately, we're unable to manufacture carbon fiber drag washers for the older Great Lakes 47LC reel due to the lack of surface area on the drag washer for that reel. We've tried them in the past, and they just didn't have the drag pressure that was needed due to the lack of surface area. The good news is that the stock Daiwa drag washers perform quite well, especially after a 30 year old set in a reel like that has been replaced for the first time. If the stock drag washer would be something that you'd be interested in, here's a link to it on our web store for easy access: (3 needed per 1 reel)



Thanks again for the interest! Happy fishing!


Tuna's Reel Troubles

Hope this helps.


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