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wire depths???

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Precision Trolling, Big Water Edition gives you a whole bunch of dive curves for everything you might troll with, except copper I think, including wire divers. I've found that book really helps in getting your divers where you want them.

3 1/2 setting on a wire diver you may have trouble finding an approximate depth for, they typically use the 1 - 2 - 3 settings, but you can get a starting point.


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Found this on google: Various Depth Charts

#1 Dipsy, with ring, set on #3

5 passes 35 feet back 18 feet down

7 passes 50 feet back 24 feet down

10 passes 70 feet back 30 feet down

12 passes 85 feet back 35 feet down

15 passes 105 feet back 40 feet down

17 passes 120 feet back 45 feet down

20 passes 140 feet back 50 feet down

22 passes 155 feet back 55 feet down

25 passes 175 feet back 60 feet down

27 passes 190 feet back 62 feet down

30 passes 210 feet back 64 feet down

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It depends on the boat speed too, but as a general rule, it seems as though dividing the distance back by the set gives you the appx. depth.

So 180 back on 3 is about 60 ft.


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A quick way to get the depth you want with a standard dipsy is to multiply by 3 -ie: you want 50 ft. x 3 = 150 ft of line. This is usually +/- 5 ft depending on your speed and turns. For the magnum version dipsy multiply by 2, it gets into the water faster (drag back is shorter) and it runs straighter down, better for deeper depths when fish are 80 feet or deeper.

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