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Legacy- 2016 Deer Season


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Had a small buck come out to cut corn and feed broadside at 38 yds for 15 minutes. He walked into woods and carried on with his day shortly after. He didn't seem to be intent on looking for tonight's girlfriend at all. And I don't wash my outerwear during the season unless I get blood on it. Just a good spray down of scent killer and a liberal dose of team fitzgeralds deer dander before every sit.

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Harvested a big doe tonight at 20 yds with the crossbow. My kid was stoked!

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Totally awesome Brian, that is so cool your boy is into the outdoors, with your Intel that young man is going to be one hell of hunter, not to mention a laker fishermen. He's right in there with both hands!! I wouldn't expect anything less from your boy. Finally after all the PM's back and forth, I can put a face to the Gamblers name and at the same time get to enjoy the posts with both you and your son!!. I hope your going to fry up some back strap for Jr. There's nothing better than a fresh piece of back strap frying in a pan with some olive oil and a few whole onions cut up. Congrats my friend, it looks like your one hell of a dad, let alone a great sportsman!!

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Be in a tree in November lol

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This is truly the best advice there is. November is time. Hunt as much as you possibly can in November. While there is a million things that may affect deer "movement"... it still doesnt change the fact of when the rut will occur. Rain or shine does will go into estrous without any doubt in my mind. Lunar data, temperature, wind, air pressure, precipitation, human pressure, food sources, all affect when and if deer move during daylight hours but the rut occurs the same time every year. I have always  liked the first two full weeks of November. I believe that they seem to be "primetime" in 8A and that the third week of November seems to be the true beginning of the lockdown phase here. The whitetail rut is not a sprint but its a marathon. The rut should also not be judged by the actions of 1.5 year old bucks but rather by the daytime sightings of mature bucks (3.5 or older). They dont move during daylight (outside of dawn and dusk) until things are happening.

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