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Garmin Auto Pilot Problem

Day Break

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Does anyone out there have any experience with Garmin Auto Pilots? My boat is rigged with a Garmin GHC 10 auto pilot controller and I also use a Garmin hand held remote auto pilot control that communicates to the GHC 10 that I operate from the back of the boat. My hydraulic pump is a Garmin GHP 10-2.1. The hydraulic ram on the outboard motor is a Sea Star HC 5345. I have two helms on my boat. The system probably has around 600 hours of run time on it. I am wondering if the hydraulic pump is worn out already or if there may be air in the system. Here is the problem, when using the autopilot in rough conditions and the system bottoms out the steering ram so that the motor is turned as sharp as it will go the pump does some cavitating or squealing as it attempts to try and go further and it locks the system in place and won't correct itself once the boat comes back around and drives the boat in a circle. The auto pilot blinks on and off with a pump stall warning. I have to manually grab the steering wheel and override the system to get it out of that locked position as the auto pilot controls won't work at that point. It is like they are locked somehow. I have talked to Garmin and have uploaded the latest updates and they think it is a hydraulic problem. The system has plenty of hydraulic fluid. It seems with the boat rocking and rolling in rough seas it is much worse like the internal compass has trouble. The boat has two Garmin Chart Plotters (6212 & 4212) that are Ethernet connected and at the heart of the operation.post-145902-0-90240500-1472702461_thumb.jpgpost-145902-0-73718200-1472702474_thumb.jpgpost-145902-0-25669400-1472702488_thumb.jpgpost-145902-0-29810700-1472702502_thumb.jpgpost-145902-0-16283400-1472702516_thumb.jpgpost-145902-0-98049800-1472702531_thumb.jpg Any idea or experience with such a thing? 

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