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It's A Fishal, Port of Rochester.

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Not many boats this afternoon. Plenty of marks between 90-150 fow. Still have lockjaw. Managed 1 King 22lbs on two hits.attachicon.gifIMG_1472955661.488447.jpg

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Nice Fish, if it was a daily Derby, you would have won it. Horrible day today. Back at it in 6 hours.

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That's why their nott biting, your in the middle of a Salmon orgy. Tell them then to knock it off until the river and get back to feeding.

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Lol, I hadn't had my coffee yet.

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Well, I'm closing the boat down this week. It was a great start this year. Held strong up till August, then plain shut down. I will be traveling to west and east ports next year. Will start west and follow them east. I will give report from each port.

I would like to thank everyone for their input and advice on this sight. Even the experienced learn from this sight. Thank you, keep it up.

I would like to thank Sarah and the LOC crew. You run a great derby. You keep many on the water that would be elsewhere. Extremely honest and fair. Thank You.

Nick, Theresa, (ruff rider). Once again you out did yourselves. Great job on Salmon Slam. You pulled off a excellent derby, (on no sleep).Then dislocated a rib in the process. Great job.This website would be just down right boring without you.

Also big thanks to Rich,Steve and Mark. Blind squirrel charters. Fired up, REEL JERKS, etc. Always great to communicate with guys like these. Put me on the salmon man times. Thanks guys you know your fishing.

Big thanks To John Dunn, (local Fisherman). He was aboard my boat most of the season. We took on some tough weather this year. Couldn't of did it without him. But we landed the fish. Won first place at The Salmon slam, (Sodus). Hughes marine won grand prize. Nice job.

Happy Holidays to all. Be safe this winter.

Happy Fishing, See you out there. (2017).












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