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Well made an evening trip for the start of my end of summer vacation. It was pretty choppy but we managed one. We took a couple quick pics and put her back. 28" chunky Lake O eye. It never gets old. With the waves, pitch dark and running 6 rods it was pretty tricky. Let's see what tomorrow brings! The pics are a little blurry... post-151983-14728738643653_thumb.jpgpost-151983-14728738695574_thumb.jpg

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Well I guess the title stays true. Managed 1 last night. First time I have seen other boats where I am at. Still nobody stayed after dark. One thing I have noticed, every fish has come on the same lure. We also broke a fish off, it was strange how that happened and that was the #2 of the lucky lure. The reflectors on the planers is just awesome. This fish was 26 1/2" and 6 pounds 1 ounce on my buddies digital scale. Still searching for the 12 pounder.

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