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Beginners luck!


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I for one am not asking to be spoon fed.  I enjoy the posts (w/ pics) and congratulations on finding some.  Waiting for summer to knock it down a lil bit before I start trying to hit em.  I prefer that people do not post skinny water catches at all and if they do just keep the information to a bare minimum.  Reeleyz, don't get mad & don't apologize -  just catch more and then post some more pics.

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Nice fish! I've been posting about Otisco for years and have had some company many times and wondered if the other boat is here because of me, but honestly I fish nearly every day and I don't think other boats are helping but I still catch a fish here and there! If it's shore fishing I get it...and oh by the way the bite is still on fire like it has been all summer here on Otisco... if you can get your boat in the water!

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